I study computational epidemiology for protecting public health from infectious diseases, such as influenza, COVID-19, norovirus, etc.

Please find more details on my Research webpage.

My advisors: Dr. Andreas Handel (Epidemiology); Dr. Ye Shen (Biostatistics)


  • Infectious disease epidemiology:

    • COVID-19:

      1. Transmission among contacts (Distributed lag nonlinear models): DOI link
      2. Intervention strategies (ODE models): DOI link
      3. Hypertension mortality risk (risk ratios): DOI link
      4. Real-time mortality risk (ODE models): DOI link
      5. Symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission (ODE models): Link
      6. Diabetes mortality risk (Poisson regression models): DOI link
      7. Vaccination strategies (ODE models): Link
      8. Mass screening intervention (probability theories): Link
      9. Herd immunity (ODE models): Link
    • Norovirus:

      1. Inoculum dose and disease outcomes (Non-linear multilevel Bayesian models) Link
    • Influenza:

      1. Impact of vaccine dose on HAI titer (Multilevel Bayesian models): Link
      2. H7N9 treatments (survival models): DOI link
    • Schistosomiasis:

      1. Study design (propensity score matching): DOI link
  • Other topics in public health:

    1. Outdoor light at night and risk of coronary heart disease (time-varying Cox proportional hazards models): DOI link
    2. Cigarette smoking death risk (conditional logistic regression models): DOI link
    3. Respirable particulate mortality risk (Generalized additive quasi-Poisson regression models): DOI link
    4. Electronic cigarette impact on cardiovascular system (Meta-analysis): Link

Programming Skills

Awards and Honors

  • Orlin K. Fletcher, Jr. Scholarship
  • University of Georgia, Research Assistantship Recipient
  • Beta Chi Chapter of the Delta Omega Honor Society
  • Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS) Membership

Journal Referee: JAMA Internal Medicine; JAMA Network Open; Emerging Infectious Diseases, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Epidemics, Epidemiology and Infection, etc.

Software copyright: 1) Jing Zhun BCS analysis v1.0.; No.: 2019 SR 0298778; 2) INOTE v 1.0.; No.: 2018 SR 981374.


  • Vaccine
  • Infectious Disease
  • Biostatistics


  • PhD, Epidemiology

    University of Georgia

  • MS, Biostatistics

    University of Georgia